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The Bachelor didn't see me coming... Serving up some mayhem.

Three identical dates.... three unsuspected women.... one Bachelor... one waitress ready to pounce!

I had a ball sneaking onto the set of The Bachelor Series Three and posing as a waitress.

Sam knew I was an actress, but had no idea what improvised mayhem I would unleash on him and his dates. Spilling water over him, flirting with him under the watchful eyes of his dates, and serving dishes that took courage to stomach.

This was a great experience. No scripts, no rehearsal, no second takes, national TV. It may as well have been live TV! It was a great challenge to put my impro skills to- bouncing off whatever Sam and the girls came back at me with. Judging when to stir the pot and when to pull back so as to keep them in the dark.

Impro has been such a great asset for me in living truthfully off the moment at hand and responding naturally and believably.

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