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Seed- Producer

Broadcast on SBS 2022

In December 2019, Australia experienced the worst bushfires in living memory. Milton Ulladulla Hospital, a small hospital on the New South Wales South Coast, was caught in its path. Although the hospital itself survived, several staff lost their homes, and in the midst of defending their towns from the fires, came to work to care for their patients. But their bravery came with a cost, as many suffered from anxiety, depression and trauma as they struggled to rebuild their lives once the fires had been put out. Stuart Emslie, the operations manager of the hospital, struck up an unlikely friendship with Padmini Pai, a social worker, and together they created Seed, a program designed to bring healing and transformation to their community

Illuminate Educate- Theatre Producer

Illuminate Educate sheds light on theatre texts in order to support the work of NSW  teachers and their students. Our goal is to bring the plays studied under the 'spotlight' with exceptional performances, workshops and resources, in order to provoke, inspire and engage the next generation of theatre makers.

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