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Neighbourhood Watch a success!

Thank you to all those who supported this ambitious, exciting, satisfying and challenging project.

It was one of the greatest teams to be a part of- the cast and crew were so supportive, generous and ridiculously talented. The audiences were so encouraging and responsive to both the humour and the pathos. I learnt so much as a producer and an actor as the demands of both roles were so great. The tour went wonderfully and we performed to over 2000 audience members what is a uniquely Australian contemporary play.

It was a great thrill to have the playwright, Lally Katz attend the show and meet us afterwards. Her family also came along on her recommendation. Can't wait to see the feature film version of the play that is in pre- production.

Most exciting was to hear the comments of students and teachers who were our target audience. It is so thrilling to reveal the play in performance to students who have studied it but never seen it performed live. Their reactions were always so candid and genuine. Some shows it felt like we were performing in a sitcom with a live studio audience the responses were so audible.

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