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 “I love to collaborate with enthusiatic creatives. Take a look through my website and contact me with any ideas, projects or enquiries. 

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Anne is a 'can do' kinda girl. If she can imagine it, she will make it happen. Her focus and determination drives her company 'Illuminate Educate' and in her work as former Company Producer for Impro Australia and in documentary filmmaking.

Anne lives and breathes it. It's in her DNA. She has worked professionally as an actor for over a decade and has developed a presence in Australia on both stage and screen.



Paralysed with fear on her first improvisation class.

Ever since... addicted.

A graduate of Impro Australia and of Keith Johnstone, she has performed in several mainstage shows at Belvoir, NIDA, The Enmore Theatre and is a Cranston Cup Grand Finalist. 



A comic chameleon of many guises, you might recognise her as a Murder Mystery Host and Character Entertainer for Applause Entertainment. She has hosted both the Schools Theatresports Challenge and the Cranston Cup at the Enmore Theatre and presented on several film projects also.



Anne has developed a versatile and flexible voice as a singer and Voice Artist. Her ability to be creative, spontaneous and to develop original ideas in a collaborative setting means that she brings a unique and committed energy to every project.



As a trained Drama and Improvisation teacher, Anne has inspired countless children and adults in workshops, corporate and classroom settings, developing their creativity and confidence.


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